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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it becomes difficult to take a few moments to destress and centre yourself. All of this pent up stress, tension and a host of environmental factors like dust tend to take a toll on your skin and overall health.

To help you combat this, Svasti Devi has formulated a replenishingayurvedic body wash that works against the chaos of the everyday and helps you feel completely nourished.

Enhancing your body care routine is a vital component to ensuring skin health, and so we’ve designed a blissful shower ritual for you to follow along with Shringar body wash. The body wash also contains silk protein to make your skin soft, well-nourished, and extremely smooth.

  • Set your Intention: Before stepping into your shower, make your mind up about your intentions with this shower. Our body wash is also enriched with lavender and rose pure essential oils to feel you relaxed and calm your senses. Immerse yourself in the exquisite aroma that not only graces your body but also envelops your bathroom with the captivating essence of pure lavender and rose oils.
  • Get your Temperatures Right: Using water at the right temperatures is very important. Remember to start your shower off with warm, not hot, water to open up your pores and soothe your skin. Your showers should always end with cool water as it helps close your pores and lock all the moisture in, leaving your skin softer than before.
  • Massage and Circulation: How you apply your ayurvedic body wash can make a huge difference to your skin. Apply mindfully, taking time to massage the formula into your skin, allowing it to absorb all of the nutrients and herbs. Massaging mindfully also promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Post-Shower Care: After you step out, make sure to moisturise your body for an extra touch of rejuvenation and freshness.

With Svasti Devi’s power-packed Shringar body wash and your new shower routine, you can expect to feel the goodness of Ayurveda everyday!

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