Pooja Kanwal Mahtani

Actor, Anchor, Model

This lockdown has actually given a rare opportunity to work on ourself, to work on our skin, to work on our Body, to work on our Hair, and of course doing my part this product is really helping me. Svasti Anti-Ageing Night Cream a Svasti Healing Under Eye Cream, you try it a you will know why I am saying it.

Akriti Kakar

Singer/ Musician

I used the scrub today a put some mist on it. A Hittle under eye cream too. It’s soo incredible. Will be using it all now. Because your products are all natural and no chemicals, its suiting my face like nothing else. Believe me I feel the itching and dryness on the face has disappeared. And I’m writing to you 5mins after I washed my face. Feeling so fresh. the under-eye cream and mist all smell amazing too. I used Kama and forest essentials everything but even those don’t work on my skin.

Harini Rana

News & Sports Editor – Times Now

Ayurveda has always been part of our life but more so since last few months! This hair oil has worked wonders for me when it comes to hair fall. They have added few new products. This small startup is by former Journalist and totally a desi Maharashtra based brand. Thank you team Svast Devi for the Love

Aarti Singh

Lifestyle & Entertainment Journalist/Blogger

The lip balm is just too good, I don’t need lipstick at all. It stays the whole day ! Excellent work. My Lips aren’t chapped for the 1st time this whole winter.

Bhoomika Yadav

Since the last few days my screen time has gone upto 14 hours a day. You can imagine how much it must be straining my eyes. They hurt so much But this eye cream is a saviour. It is so soothing. I keep applying it after every few hours and use a very thick layer before going to sleep.

Mrs. Deepa Salian

Vijayalakshmi your hair oil is amazing… doing wonders on my daughter hair.. she always wanted long hair and using your hair oil she is loving her long hair Definitely would recommend Svasti Devi A Happy Mother appreciation post. God Bless.