Shringar Body Butter

Shringar Body Butter



Our Body butter, improves the texture of your skin. Healing and nourishing the dry, patchy skin & it’s also effective on cracked heels & for rough hands. Ideal to use for Adults & even for children.

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Lavender & Rose essential oil, Wheatgerm & Grapeseed oil, Natural emulsifier, Beeswax, Kokum butter, 100 Times Washed Ghee, Phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate.

Apply it, after bathing or as and when required.

Our Body butter, improves the texture of your skin. Healing and nourishing the dry, patchy skin & it’s also effective on cracked heels & for rough hands. Ideal to use for Adults & even for children.

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6 reviews for Shringar Body Butter

  1. sruthi

    this body butter smells soo good. fast absorption, not at all heavy, have thick smooth consistency. keeps skin hydrated. suits all skin

  2. Anjali shekhar

    This is one of the best body butters I have ever used! What a rocking aroma! Lavender n roses! Beautiful fragrance! Very light creamy texture- Absorbs well in skin. My skin feels refresh n healed with application of this shringar body butter! Must buy product!

  3. Akanksha puri

    My dry skin feels nourished & supple! I’m on my 2nd jar now. This is a staple product I surely use thisody butter after a bath everyday! Skin feels super smooth n repaired. My dry feet cracked heels problem got solved! Best purchase so far! 🙂

  4. Debbie moraes

    This body butter has a great smell n feel good factor! In love with this product. My go to body butter after every shower. Creamy n smooth in application absorbs well. Keep it up !

  5. Sharan Thomas

    Discovering Svasti Devi Ayurvedic beauty products has been an absolute revelation in my self-care routine! Their body butter and body wash are nothing short of extraordinary. What sets them apart is their commitment to natural ingredients and holistic wellness.

    The body butter feels like a luxurious treat for the skin. Its rich, creamy texture glides on effortlessly, leaving my skin deeply moisturized and rejuvenated. Knowing that it’s crafted with organic elements, free from harsh chemicals, gives me peace of mind. It’s the perfect remedy for dryness, especially during harsh weather.

    As for the body wash, it’s a delightful sensory experience every time I use it. The gentle yet effective cleansing properties coupled with the divine fragrance make it a staple in my shower routine. I appreciate how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, without any residue, maintaining its natural balance.

    What truly resonates with me about Svasti Devi’s products is their dedication to sustainability and preserving the environment. Each time I indulge in these beauty treasures, I feel like I’m not only pampering myself but also contributing to a greater cause—supporting eco-friendly, ethically sourced products that are kind to both my skin and the planet.

    I’m immensely grateful to the founder, Mrs. Vijaya Kesharwala, whose vision and dedication shine through these products. Her commitment to crafting high-quality, Ayurvedic-inspired skincare that embodies both luxury and sustainability is truly commendable.

    I highly recommend Svasti Devi’s body butter and body wash to anyone seeking a luxurious, natural skincare experience. It’s more than just skincare; it’s a mindful, soul-nourishing ritual that embodies the essence of Ayurveda in a modern, beautifully crafted form.

  6. Sharan Thomas

    Introduced to Svasti Devi at Karjat Heritage, these handmade Ayurvedic products by Vijaya Kesharwala and team—crafted from natural elements—transformed my skincare. With 23 holistic offerings, the body butter aided my post-radiation recovery like no other. The shampoo, conditioner, and serum stood out remarkably, surpassing market alternatives. Their natural essence doesn’t just enhance beauty but aligns with nature’s goodness, fostering a deeper connection. Svasti Devi is more than skincare; it’s a testament to nature’s healing. I highly recommend these soulful creations for effective, natural skincare experiences.

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